Mikayla, Twenty-one, Mile high colorado livin'. Smoking, friends, hip-hop, pop queens, cats, and my boyfriend rule my life.

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you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

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"Your hugs hold me together when I’m not strong enough to hold everything that I am together."
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La Tierra



i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

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  • 14 years old: I'm young but I know what I want. This isn't that hard, I'm all grown up already and have everything figured out.
  • 17 years old: Well, this is a little harder than I thought. School is almost ending. What am I going to do with my life?
  • 21 years old: What the fuck is going on? Where are my socks?

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"I think about you. But I don’t say it anymore."
Marguerite Duras, Hiroshima, Mon Amour (1959)

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"Confidence isn’t walking into a room with your nose in the air, and thinking you are better than everyone else, it’s walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone else in the first place."

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